The Benefits of Being Multilingual

Person with multilingual thought bubbles PAR blog-itc - 22/05/2017

Speaking one language is good, but speaking more than one is even better. As we grow up, we learn to master the language of our culture, but the older we get, the more options we discover for expanding our voice. Some high schools across the country not only offer students the…

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ITC Sponsors SwitchPoint Conference

Conference presenter with quote on screen PAR Kristy Brown Lust - 12/05/2017

ITC Sponsors SwitchPoint Conference, Supports Global Healthcare Solutions Editor’s Note: ITC Translations serves clients in many fields that are doing ground-breaking and life-changing work. One such client is IntraHealth International, who believes that “Everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive.” They work with health workers around…

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Are You Mad Or Just Crazy?

PAR blog-itc - 02/05/2017

Are You Mad Or Just Crazy? It Depends On Where You Are Many different variations of English are spoken around the world. Here we’ll consider three. GrammarCheck highlights 63 spelling and terminology differences between British and American English. Some are as simple as marvelous and marvellous; or as complex as…

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Parlez-vous What?

PAR blog-itc - 21/04/2017

Parlez-vous What? Differences Between Continental French and Quebecois French According to World Atlas, there are 29 independent nations that use French as their official language.  Though you might think that the French language is all the same everywhere you go, each region has its peculiarities. Let’s look at some differences…

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The Word on Movie Translations

PAR blog-itc - 17/04/2017

What’s the Word On Movie Translations? If you grew up watching Kung Fu movies, you know about movie translation. What was probably meant to be unique and helpful for understanding a plot has turned into cult-classic sentimentality. For many people, the best thing about those films is the way in…

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How Smart Are Smartphone Assistant Translations?

PAR blog-itc - 07/04/2017

How Smart Are Smartphone Assistant Translations? Smartphones have become smart, but are they smarter than you? When it comes to language interpretation, unless you are a linguistic specialist, they probably are. It’s All About The Languages Some smartphones are smarter than others when it comes to language interpretations. VOA News…

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When Little Words Add Up to Big Differences

PAR blog-itc - 24/03/2017

When Little Words Add Up to Big Differences: The Case of Miss France’s Interpreter Everyone just wants to be understood. From the time we’re old enough to speak, we just want someone to say, “Hey–I get it.” When it comes to the many different languages of the world, there are…

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How Emojis Are Changing the Employment Market

PAR blog-itc - 19/03/2017

Sign of the Times – How Emojis Are Changing the Employment Market Technology has changed the way we speak to one another. If you’ve ever said “OMG!” out loud when faced with a surprising situation, you’ve already taken one step toward techno-talk. Abbreviations are one thing, but picture-words take it…

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New Translations of the Treaty of Waitangi

PAR blog-itc - 13/03/2017

New Translations of the Treaty of Waitangi Provide Accuracy The Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s historic founding document, has been translated and published for the first time in 30 languages. The original English version of the treaty was hastily translated into Māori and contained many differences in meaning that impacted…

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Best Practices for International Business

PAR blog-itc - 15/02/2017

A Guide to Best Practices For International Business Doing business in your own country is difficult enough, so how can you prepare for working across borders? Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to a different country must be ready to face all sorts of cultural, commercial, financial and legal…

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