Why Translation Choices Matter In Politics

PAR blog-itc - 26/01/2017

Why Translation Choices Matter In Politics Language is a very delicate thing in politics, but it becomes even more sensitive—and dangerous—when the language being exchanged is between two nations that don’t share the same language or culture. We saw some consequences of that late last year when then President Elect…

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3 Words With No English Equivalent

PAR blog-itc - 18/01/2017

3 Words In Other Languages With No English Equivalent One of the interesting things about the English language is how often it adopts words from other languages and uses them the same way. Ennui, for example, is a French word that usually describes the dissatisfaction or restlessness and boredom that…

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3 Korean Phrases Other Languages Need

PAR blog-itc - 11/01/2017

3 Korean Phrases Other Languages Need One of the most interesting things about the vocabulary of other languages is just how much they can reveal of another culture’s thought process. Japanese vocabulary tends to spotlight the culture’s focus on honor, while French vocabulary shows just how much that nation and…

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3 Non-English Words Now English

PAR blog-itc - 04/01/2017

3 New Non-English Words That Are Now Considered English The difference between a dead and a living language are pretty clear, but beyond the fact that one is in active use and another is not, a key feature of a living language is its ability to change and evolve. The…

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Three Ways Translation Showed Up in 2016

PAR blog-itc - 29/12/2016

How Translation Showed Up in 2016 It’s almost a new year! As 2016 ends, we look back on a year full of drama and developments in many industries and facets of our life and our world. In the translation industry, our services became more important than ever. Globalization continues to…

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4 Holiday Traditions Around the World

PAR blog-itc - 21/12/2016

Holiday Traditions from Around the World As we move into December, we arrive at the season of holidays. While in some parts of the world, Christmas is perhaps the most heavily marketed and promoted, it is far from the only celebration during the winter season. Here are four traditions from…

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ITC France Translates U.S. Election Articles

PAR blog-itc - 14/12/2016

ITC France Translates U.S. Election Articles from Seven European Dailies ITC France’s teams met the challenge of immediately translating articles written in four languages by European correspondents for seven daily papers covering the U.S. elections. The LENA (Leading European Newspaper Alliance) organization includes seven of the most prestigious European daily…

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5 Expressions That Don’t Translate

PAR blog-itc - 01/12/2016

5 Expressions In Other Languages That Don’t Translate One of the most difficult things to really get a good feel for is casual language. When you learn another language, in some ways, you are learning to speak the “wrong” way. You’re learning perfect grammar, correct and full pronunciation, and the…

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4 Reasons Your Bilingual Employee Is Not Your Translator

PAR blog-itc - 23/11/2016

Why Your Bilingual Employee Is Not Your Translator Language, like writing or mathematics, has some simple, fundamental rules that often give people a false impression that understanding the basics means you’ve mastering the entire discipline. Because of that, some believe that the idea of translating content from one language to another is…

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3 Reasons Why We Like Arrival

PAR blog-itc - 16/11/2016

Crucial Communication: 3 Reasons Why We Like Arrival As providers of professional translation services, we have a clear understanding of just how crucial it can be to make sure you are understood when you and a person you’re trying to communicate with don’t speak the language. However, we realize this is…

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