Corporate translations

Why do you need corporate translation services?

Corporate communication can be part of management’s duties or can be managed by an entire department, such as operations or marketing. Corporate communication professionals develop messages that are meant for a variety of purposes both inside and outside the organization.

Corporate communication departments play a very important role in how the general public, employees and even investors view a company. Sometimes called “public relations” or “public affairs,” corporate communication has taken on new value and importance in the 21st century as a result of corporate scandals or crises.

These departments will frequently work directly with a company’s management team and serve as advisers in managing the company’s reputation. Having a corporate communication team that can assist management with media interview preparation and suggest new enterprises and ideas to keep companies on the cutting edge of communication with their stakeholders is imperative.

Media Relations is generally the basic function for which corporate communication is best known.  Primarily, media relations work includes writing and distributing news releases and responding to media inquiries, preparing information for distribution and preparing executives to speak at news conferences. Corporate communicators also may manage a company’s website and social media presence, which includes observing what customers and clients are saying about the company on social networking websites and then responding to invalid or untrue posts or even just requests for information about a company.

Accurate, consistent and timely corporate translation services of such news and information is sometimes hard to find. Corporate communications materials can be some of the most challenging and difficult documents on earth when it comes to translation.

Invest in Corporate Translation Services for Effective Communication

There are so many factors to take into consideration when translating corporate materials: company culture, target audience, perception that said company wants to convey through its news or social media marketing, grammatical structures of the source and target languages, to name a few.

Strong business practice when choosing a corporate translation service include making sure that the translation materials convey a strong understanding of the business and business culture, always having a local person always review the translation, avoiding machine translation, and not taking shortcuts.

Corporate translations require accuracy and consistency with all content for a specific brand or product. Frequently, there is a distinct need for non-literal translation, which is approach that means the concepts, tone, and meaning of the source communication are reflected and present in the translation. These translations must be culturally appropriate, and include wordplay and references for the target country and audience.

ITC offers high-quality, consistent and relevant corporate translation services that are perfectly in tune with your corporate style and image, as well as your target audience. We pay fastidious attention to technical detail, and as part of the process of corporate communication translation, we will review and identify any areas of your content which need to be culturally adapted or localized. Our secure infrastructure means we can offer complete confidentiality and peace of mind as we serve as your brand ambassadors throughout your translation process.

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