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Why do you need human resources translation services?

Internal Communication—also known as Human Resource Communication—is simply assisting strategic relationships and conversations within your business. Communication like this generally takes place between company leaders, management and employees. When this type of communication is carried out intelligently, it ensures your employees will have ground-breaking business results and improved productivity, collaboration and performance.

Good human resource communication empowers your employees in delivering your business strategy intelligently and supporting the culture, behaviors and belief systems that shape your company’s future. It ensures that when your employees are speaking to customers, what they say is positive—and then so is your brand and reputation.

Additionally, it’s even more obvious that in this age of global business, companies must be adept at translating between cultures and languages so that they can maintain and recruit the most valuable talent. It’s important to cater to the specifics of various groups and to master various communication strategies in a multitude of environments, and to cultivate a sense of unity and purpose for the company that can bridge the gap of geographic, linguistic and cultural borders.

Internal Communication HR Translation

ITC is a top providers of business services and communication translations for Human Resources departments throughout a range of business industries. Our internal communication translation services will help you with your HR communication. We can assist your business with creating an inclusive and highly-informed workplace by translating all of your communications in an accurate, consistent and timely manner. We can help you to establish strong links to new market segments and provide your business with the appropriately translated materials that it needs to effectively bridge the gap in today’s global economy.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when translating company HR materials: company culture, target audience, grammatical structures of the source and target languages, and more.

Strong business practice when choosing a HR translation service is making sure the translated materials convey a strong understanding of the business and business culture, always having a local person always review the translation, avoiding machine translation, and not taking shortcuts.

Human Resource communication translation requires accuracy and consistency with all content for a specific company. Frequently, there is a distinct need for non-literal translation, which is an approach that means the concepts, tone and meaning of the source communication must be reflected and present in the translation. These translations must be culturally appropriate, and include wordplay and references for the target country and audience.

We can provide you with translation services that focus on international and multilingual staffing and recruitment, strategic planning and implementation, education and training, and strategic planning and implementation, as well as document translation for multilingual eLearning and training support.

ITC offers high-quality, consistent and relevant Human Resources translation services that are perfectly in tune with your corporate style and image, as well as your target audience. We pay fastidious attention to technical detail, and as part of the process of translation of corporate communication, we will review and identify any areas of your content which need to be culturally adapted or localized. Our secure infrastructure means we can offer complete confidentiality and peace of mind as we serve as your brand ambassadors throughout your translation process.

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