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  • itc-biopharmaceutical

    Why is Biopharmaceutical translation a challenge for your company?

    Biopharmaceuticals represent a niche of the pharmaceutical industry with very specific,
    constantly changing, incredibly technical terminology. It’s also a global industry with a range
    of different players from scientists and physicians to patients and sales reps; all of whom need
    to understand the material they’re reading and sharing about the biologic they’re working with….

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  • itc-biotechnology

    Why is Biotechnology translation a challenge for your company?

    The biotech field has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade to occupy a thriving global marketplace. Given this, it’s essential for all biotech firms to work with a translation and localization company that is experienced in the field so they’ll receive accurate, reliable….

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  • itc-pharmaceutical

    Why is pharmaceutical translation a challenge for your company?

    Bringing a new drug to market is no easy task. From the preclinical
    stage to sales and marketing accurate information exchange between the many parties involved is vital….

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  • Why is translation in the agri-food industry a challenge for your company?

    Have you ever been to a restaurant in a different country and felt completely lost when faced with a menu of dishes that are totally mysterious and impossible to pronounce?

    Translation in the agro-food industry covers a vast number of activities and materials: experts’ reports, technical data sheets, studies…

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  • Why is IT translation a challenge for your company?

    Our IT translation service includes the expert translation of a wide variety of documents: procedures, contracts, service contracts, software, procedure manuals…

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  • Why is legal translation a challenge for your company?

    Our legal translation service includes the expert translation of a wide variety of documents: statutes, contracts, summonses, experts’ reports, rulings…

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  • Why is marketing translation a challenge for your company?

    In today’s business world, where international trade flows are constantly increasing, organizations and companies are enjoying unprecedented growth. The global marketplace offers valuable opportunities that must be acted upon if companies want to stay in the race and boost their business. To make sure their message is understood in other countries, these companies must make sure that their advertising, communication (internal and external) and marketing documents are translated.

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  • Why is medical translation a challenge for your company?

    Resources, technologies, techniques and medical procedures are constantly evolving, reaching a wider audience and more countries than ever before. There are continuous developments to medical, scientific and pharmaceutical documentation. Therefore, demand for medical translation is increasing at a similar rate, and requiring the know-how of experienced, specialist translators in the following areas: Medical devices, Biopharmaceutical sector, Biotechnology…

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  • Why is technical translation a challenge for your company?

    Whatever your area of activity, your company probably needs technical translations, either occasionally or frequently.

    Technical translation is particularly important when your company is located in several different countries or wants to launch a product or device on the international market. The user manual and the associated documentation must be translated into all relevant languages. Other types of materials that call for the services of a technical translation company.


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  • Why is travel/tourism translation a challenge for your company?

    Today, the phenomenon of globalization affects all industries. By definition, the travel and tourism industry is reaping the benefits. While travel is becoming more accessible (with an increasing number of both travelers and destinations), tourism professionals need to communicate effectively, in several languages, with a growing number of clients and partners. In this context, the variety of materials used to promote internationalization include: brochures, sales leaflets, guides, press releases…

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