Health education aims to communicate with a global population in an effort to help share information that could possibly save lives. Messages about ways to prevent the spread of a current outbreak, nutritional information for expectant mothers, basic first aid information and other important health education initiatives like these must be shared with as many people around the world as possible. This is a goal that can only be achieved with the use of professional health education translation services.

Health education translation and localization services from an experienced translation company like ITC Global Translations can make the difference between
successful health education campaigns and those that never reach their
mark. We have access to a global network of professional health education
translators who are prepared to help you bring your life-saving content to as
many geographical areas as you’re hoping to work with.

Experienced Health Education Translators

While it’s a given that our translators are experts in foreign languages, what you may not know is that at ITC Global Translations we require our health education translators to also be experienced in the field. Without a background in health education, even an otherwise skilled translator will make errors due to their inexperience in the field. We completely avoid this issue by having only experienced health education translators work on your health education translation projects.

Highly Trained Linguists and State of the Art Translation Tools

We’ve designed our translation process to include not only our experienced
health education translations, but also both in-house linguistic resources coordinators and state-of-the-art translation tools. After 15 years, we feel this is the absolute best
way to produce health education translation services our clients are always 100% satisfied with.

Our in-house linguistic resources coordinators are dedicated to maintaining your translation
memories and glossaries. These are individuals trained in the science of
language itself. With this specialized training, they’re able to provide an
educated perspective to your content that’s impossible to obtain any other way.

To further their accuracy and efficiency, all of our personnel use state-of-the-art translation tools. We’re also constantly on the lookout for additional ways to provide our clients with the best health
education translation
services possible and we stay on the cutting edge of the
translation field in order to do so.

A Flexible Translation Company Prepared to Meet All Your Needs

When you need health education translations, there are a lot of benefits to
choosing a flexible translation company like ITC Global Translations that
can meet all your needs. You’ll enjoy having one project manager and the
continuity this provides to your project. You’ll also see that no matter what
your health education translation project entails, it’s always run through the
same rigorous translation process to ensure precision and efficiency. In
fact, your entire translation project will be easier when you choose ITC’s health
education translation services
because everything will be taken care of by one,
experienced health education translation company. We’re able to translate:

  • Educational Packets
  • Teacher Training Materials
  • Health Education Lesson Plans
  • Class Handouts
  • Visual Aids
  • Mobile Content
  • Informational Videos
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Brochures
  • Mailing Campaigns

This experience in all kinds of health education translations, coupled with
our access to translators skilled in 75 different languages, means we have
the experience it takes to translate these items, along with any
other type of media, into any language you may need for a successful
global health education campaign.

Localization of Health Education Materials

As an experienced translation company, ITC Global Translations is also able to
localize your health education materials. Localizing your
content is an added step in ensuring you’re effectively communicating with
your target audience and should be done with any materials being
translated. With health translation localization services from ITC Global
Translations, we’ll help you make sure the graphics in your handouts will make sense to
everyone, that your educational videos aren’t offensive in any way and that
your logo is effective across cultures, as well as make sure the words on the
page are translated correctly.

Mobile Content Translations for Maximum Impact

More and more people today around the world are using mobile devices. If
your health education campaign is to have maximum impact, you’ve got to
capitalize on the information superhighway and develop web and mobile
content. As a health education translation company at the forefront of the
field, ITC Global Translations has experience translating mobile content as
well as videos and website content. We know your online presence
matters and our health education translators are prepared to help you
reach as wide an audience as possible with any type of media you’re working

Professional Health Education Translation Services for Any Project Phase

A health education project can take many forms and professional health
care translations are often required for each phase to be successful.
Whether you’re having your first meeting to discuss the issue at hand,
you’re in front of an audience giving a training or you’re at any other phase
of your project, ITC’s health education translation service is poised to
provide the professional translations you need. We know it takes a worldwide team of
experts to develop and administer an effective public health education
initiative. We’re prepared to give you the most up-to-date health education
translations with minimal turnaround time and maximum accuracy so your
project reaches its goals every step of the way.

Only Trust an Experienced Translation Company With Your Materials

Clear communication is a must for every health education campaign. ITC
Global Translations understands this and has created a reputation built on
the trust. We’ll work hard to facilitate the universal understanding your
initiative requires. Our 100% customer satisfaction rate proves it and we
hope you’ll let our experienced health education translation company show
you how effortless global communication can really be.

Contact us for more info about our health education translation services!

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