Infusion devices are an ideal option for treating a range of different medical issues. They have had their problems in the past with reliability though. As a result, work is constantly being done within the medical research community to improve infusion devices and refine this treatment option so it can be available to as many patients around the world as possible.

With the resources and technology available today, these scientists, researchers, infusion device companies, and doctors don’t have to be in the same lab, or even the same geographic area to communicate. They’re based around the world yet are able to work together seamlessly as a team due in part to professional infusion device translations.

Infusion device translation and localization services are also required in order to help patients use the devices regardless of where they’re living. Physician and patient education tools, information forms, instructions, advertisements and more must be accurately translated and localized for each target area in order to reach as wide a population as possible with
infusion device treatments.

Professional Infusion and Medical Device Translation Services

With all that’s at stake, you can’t risk sharing material that doesn’t
communicate your message accurately. Choosing professional infusion and medical
device translation services
like those at ITC Global Translations will ensure that your
words convey the right message to your audience no matter where they’re
based or the complexity of your message. ITC Global Translations has the
tools and experience required to produce professional, multilingual infusion
for a wide range of different materials including:

  • Software
  • Research Programs
  • Design Schematics
  • Scientific Reports
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Regulatory Approval Packets
  • Website Content
  • Instructional Videos
  • Mobile Apps
  • Patient Information
  • Physician Documentation Forms
  • Marketing Tools
  • Promotional Materials
  • Package Inserts

With our experience in providing translations to a variety of different niches
within the medical industry including infusion devices, we’re uniquely
prepared to offer you professional medical translation and localization services on any
type of infusion device content you may need, no matter how technical it is.
We’ve also amassed a team of highly-qualified translators and linguistic resources coordinators with
experience in 75 different languages as well as the infusion device industry.
This allows them to bring a specialized point of view to your infusion device
translations that’s not otherwise possible.

Translation and Localization Services from Our Global Network of Translators

Our experienced translators are based around the world, giving them the
unparalleled opportunity to provide you with a level of accuracy in their
translations that’s only possible from a current resident of the area. Because
our infusion device translators live within the community, they can make sure
each distinct cultural nuance is included in the translations, no matter what type of
content they’re working on.

ITC Global Translation works with individuals who can also localize your infusion
device content for each of your target areas. Medical localization services
from our world-wide network of translators allows us to review all of your material
including documents and graphics for cultural sensitivity based on the most current
cultural traditions of the people in the area.

 Highly-Educated Linguists Add Precision

As we designed and developed our translation process, we noticed how
important having in-house linguistic resources coordinators was to ensure the
quality and accuracy of our infusion device translations. Not every translation
company chooses this level of expertise. But, at ITC’s medical devices translation service,
we couldn’t ignore what dedicated linguists bring to the table for any type of translation project.

Today, we employ several in-house linguistic resources coordinators dedicated to
reviewing the accuracy of your glossaries and translation memories and keeping them
regularly updated so they’re ready to produce precise translations right when
you need them. You’ll enjoy a range of benefits from their experience in the
science of language and your infusion device translations will speak more
accurately to your audience as a result of their expertise.

A Flexible Translation Company That Meets All Your Needs

At ITC Global Translations we’ve designed our company to be flexible so we
can meet all of our client’s needs under one roof. We’re skilled at providing
infusion device translations for any type of material you may have, and we
can provide them in 75 different languages including:

  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Icelandic
  • Polish
  • Russian

Our ability to work in this variety of languages, coupled with our state-of-the-art
translation tools, allows us to give you an option for infusion and medical device
translation and localization services
that makes translating your content
faster, easier, and cost less; an ideal combination for any infusion device

Translations for Any Type of Infusion Device

Whether your infusion device is designed to treat diabetes, deliver
chemotherapy drugs, provide nourishment to someone who needs liquid
nutrients or another use, ITC Global Translations has the experience to
translate all of your content. Because infusion devices are so
varied, not every translation company will be prepared to translate your
content effectively. However, here at ITC’s medical devices translation services,
we have experienced infusion device translators and linguistic resources coordinators
who can work on materials for any type of infusion device you may have, no matter what its purpose.

Get the Most for Your Money

Regardless of what type of infusion device translations you need, it’s always
important to stay within your project’s budgetary constraints. Our streamlined
translation process enables us to provide our clients with quality infusion and medical
device translations for less. Then you can easily stay within your budget
without sacrificing the quality of your content. If this sounds like the perfect
combination for your project, contact ITC Global Translations today.

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