Why do you need our medical research translation services?

Research can take many forms and crosses many disciplines. Regardless of the type of research being performed, it is often completed and used in many locations throughout the world. This reality has brought about a great need for accurate, professional research translations.

ITC Global Translations knows that the quality with which research is translated ultimately affects the overall validity of the findings no matter what the project. We’ve had the opportunity to provide research translation services to a range of different clients and have the experience required to localize and translate any type of research content from grant proposals to dissertations and everything in between.

Translators Who Know the Field

Our success with medical research translations is a direct result of the translators we hire to complete our projects. When you work with ITC Global Translations, not only will your content be translated and localized by an individual experienced in the language at hand, but, they’ll also have spent time in the field as well. This gives them a unique understanding of your content so they can be sure it’s translating accurately within the specialty as well as the culture and language of the target audience. As a result, we’re able to provide accurate translations that will enhance the quality your research project.

Research Translations for Any Phase of Your Project

Whether you’re just formulating your idea, you’re ready to present your findings or you’re somewhere in the middle of your project, ITC Global Translations can help. We have experience with medical research translations from all project phases including:

  • Grant Proposals
  • Project Procedure Manuals
  • Research Notes
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Subject Interviews
  • Consent Forms
  • Patient Data
  • Final Reports
  • Presentations
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Website and Mobile Content

We understand the precision and refinement required during every phase of your research and work hard to maintain the project’s consistency when moving from language to language so as not to tarnish the validity of the study’s results.

Localization of Research Data is Essential

Professional localization of your data is of the utmost importance to help maintain the integrity of your findings. It’s not enough to only have the content translated. Everything you’re doing must also be localized to assure you’re accounting for the unique differences among cultures, their special needs and how these translate into the understanding each has for the research content you’re sharing with them.

You’ll also need localization services to properly complete funding requests, work with patients and other researchers, present your results and during every other stage of your research project. With our global network of research translators, ITC Global Translations is uniquely able to offer reliable medical research localization services that will enhance the understanding everyone involved has of your project and your final results no matter what your discipline or the geographic area(s) where you’re completing your work.

Innovative Translation Tools for More Precise Research Translations

While accuracy always matters when it comes to translation and localization services, in the field of research it matters even more. ITC’s medical research translation service understands this and has taken full advantage of the most innovative translation tools on the market today. This system, coupled with our expert translators, serves to create a combination of resources that’s capable of building a full translation memory ready to flawlessly produce even the most complex research translations.

We’re also constantly on the lookout for additional translation tools to add to our ever-expanding tool box. As such, we’re prepared not only to maintain our current level of accuracy and efficiency, but expand on our achievements to take our translation and localization services even further so we can better serve all of our clients.

Efficient Translation Process Keeps Your Project On Track

There’s no time for inefficiency at any stage of the research process. The project simply must stay on track or samples could be lost, the funding may be discontinued or the project could be canceled altogether. To avoid any of these issues and so we’re also able to accommodate the expedited translations that come with some types of research projects, we’ve streamlined our medical research translation and localization services to be as efficient as possible. As a result, when you choose ITC Global Translations, you’ll not only get your research translations right when you need them, but they’ll also be as affordable as possible.

Research Translators in 75 Languages

Our world-wide network of professional research translators means you can get your content translated by ITC Global Translations in 75 different languages. A few of the many languages we provide medical research translation services in are

  • Ukrainian
  • European Portuguese
  • Slovakian
  • Czech
  • Canadian French
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Croatian
  • Finnish
  • Korean

ITC Global Translations can translate all of your documents in each of the languages you need. You’ll find this is a highly desirable quality in a translation company that allows us to design a highly-efficient translation process as well as increase the continuity and quality of your research translations when compared with other options.

Choose an Experienced Research Translation Company

Although there are many translation companies out there, ITC Global Translations has the experience with research content it takes to provide the impeccable translations your specialized research project deserves. If there isn’t clear communication at each stage, your results could be irreparably compromised and your study may even be invalidated. When you work with a translation company that grasps the gravity of this, you can be sure that everyone involved is on the same page so your results aren’t skewed due to language barrier or cultural misunderstanding and, instead, reflect the real findings of your project.

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