Why is technical translation a challenge for your company?

traduction techniqueWhatever your area of activity, your company probably needs technical translations, either occasionally or frequently.

Technical translation is particularly important when your company is located in several different countries or wants to launch a product or device on the international market. The user manual and associated documentation must be translated into all relevant languages. Other types of materials that call for the services of a technical translation agency include:

  • cleaning instructions
  • repair manuals
  • user guides
  • tenders
  • safety sheets
  • instructions
  • software
  • technical characteristics
  • catalogs
  • certificates
  • training programs
  • product data sheets
  • specifications
  • standards
  • patents
  • etc.

Technical translation: how to produce a high-quality text

For this type of technical translation, terminology is extremely important. That’s why our technical translation services include a glossary, which ensures that each term is translated the same way each time, and a translation memory, which can be very useful in maintaining consistency thought the translation, particularly for long-term projects.

Technical Translation Agency: ITC Global Translations Meets Your Needs

As a translation company, ITC offers you:

  • The ability to create a glossary for your approval, giving you full control over the terms used.
  • Responsive project managers who will select the righttechnical translator for your project.
  • A team of technical translators who have expert knowledge of their particular specialties.
  • A high-quality translation that has been proofread and is adapted to the target country.
  • The ability to work in a variety of different formats.

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