Multilingual layout

ico-computerA simple solution for all your layout needs

Our DTP department has a number of PC and MAC computers that can handle a wide range of design software: InDesign, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD, FrameMaker and Illustrator.

In conjunction with your translation project, we also offer all the benefits of a multilingual DTP service.




 ico-dossierDTP translation

* A turnkey service:
your translated files are delivered ready for printing

* A high-quality project:
layout is managed by multilingual DTP experts so you can rest assured that your text complies with local typographical conventions

* Save time and money:
we are your one point of contact for the duration of your project

* A solution for the most complex projects:
we have the technical resources to handle a wide variety of fonts and characters (Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.)


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