Time To Translate—Here’s Why!

par blog-itc - 25/02/2014

We’ve mentioned a lot about how you definitely do need translation, how you should test and try your potential LSPs prior to working with them, and do your research before translating. However, we’re here to let you know how investing in translation can benefit your brand in tremendous ways.Time to Translate Words Clock Language Interpret Message Meaning

Translation Isn’t Simple

That’s the simple truth of the matter. Many times, translation is looked at as a simple way to aid a company with its expansion plan. However, if you’re looking to reach international audiences and operate within those audiences effectively, you have to know and understand that translation is the root of your success, which means, it’s a matter to be given the utmost attention and seriousness. For this reasoning, translators work hard in their craft and specialize in their particular linguistic realms to translate from source to target languages with precision and skill.

A Global Presence Adds Value

Operating within global markets adds a lot of value to a brand. And this is because international interests and needs have met with connectivity of merchants and businesses. Consumers are incredibly swayed by their perception of a brand, and if you are the brand seeking to provide those consumers with products and services in their own native language, their perception of you will soar.

Of course, translation is a complicated process that often requires quite the overhaul, but the honest truth is that working with a professional language service provider is the way to lessen your own difficulty. Teams like ITC Global Translations have experts on hand that have perfected their craft of linguistics and translation.

Did you know that approximately 52.4% of foreign market consumers would hesitate to purchase from merchant websites that aren’t in their own languages?

This is where translation comes in handy.

The benefits of translation are linked, quite explicably, to the greater success of businesses. China, Spain, Japan, Germany, and Korea are all heavy with populations that respond well to globalized products and services. And by reaching out to new audiences, you’re also opening up new points of revenue.

Ready to start translating now? If so, ITC Global Translations can be your starting point to success.

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