Who’s having the biggest impact internationally?

par blog-itc - 26/01/2015

Each year the “Country Brand Index” studies the brand image of 118 countries. Just like for a business, reputation and image are studied in order to establish a ranking.

It may seem strange to compare a country and a nation to a commercial product, but the more solid a country’s reputation, the more attractive it will be. This image will evidently have a big impact on the economy. “It remains crucial to manage the identity and reputation of a country as if it were (…) a consumer brand,” says Suzanne Stahlie, General Manager at FutureBrand Paris.


The Country Brand Index develops its ranking system based on several criteria: quality of life, value system, economic potential, country history and culture or tourist appeal. Out of these 118 countries, only 22 will be considered as “brands”.


The top ranking big winner is, not surprisingly, Japan! This country, with its combination of an exuberant identity and a lifestyle founded on respect for others, has the strongest brand image in the world. The reason why this land of the rising sun did so well was because of its value system and democracy.


Following Japan, the remaining top five countries are Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Canada. France is ranked 17th. Despite its low position on the scale, it’s the world champion for its historical heritage, variety of tourist attractions and gourmet cuisine.

If you want to know more about this ranking, download the report here: http://www.futurebrand.com/cbi/2014#download-form

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